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Morgellons Disease Images

Before see some morgellons disease images, let’s knowing it first. Morgellons or Morgellons Syndrome is the name for a disease that was proposed by Mary Leitao in 2002 for a phenomenon that is referred to as inexplicable dermatopathy (skin disease) in school medicine.

The disease itself is characterized by a series of different skin symptoms, such as crawling, biting or piercing sensations. Furthermore, it is said that fibers are sighted underneath or on the skin and the symptoms are accompanied by permanent skin lesions such as redness and eruption. However, school medicine does not regard this new disease as a new disease – at least according to my research.

Most of the school physicians from the fields of dermatology and psychiatry consider these Morgellons as a manifestation of a psychological illness: the dermatologist’s delusion. This “delusion” goes hand in hand with the idea that worms, insects and other parasites have attacked the body, under and on the skin, which move and trigger itching. Such delusions are quite observable after cocaine and amphetamine abuse, delirium in alcohol withdrawal, CNS disorders, and brain injury.

The crucial question, however, which is also repeatedly discussed in the Internet is: Are these fibers really? This brings us to the question of symptoms and a diagnosis.

Here I have to forward that I myself have not seen any patients who have these fibers. I have not seen any patients who have complained about it at all. But that does not mean anything. Even colleagues with whom I have spoken have not had such patients; with one exception: a laboratory doctor confirmed me during a seminar in the spring of 2010 to have seen such patients and their fibers.

Morgellons Disease Images

Morgellons Disease Images Morgellons Disease Images Morgellons Disease Images

Symptoms and diagnosis

However, since Morgellons is not considered an independent disease, there are no symptom descriptions or differential diagnoses accepted by school medicine. Therefore, the patient has no choice but to diagnose himself.

The Internet plays an important role in this. The main symptom of Morgellons is the observation of fibers embedded in the skin and partially penetrating the surface of the skin. The Morgellons Research Foundation, founded in the United States, reports of additional symptoms such as crawling emotions under the skin, skin injuries spontaneously and self-inflicted, joint pain and muscle pain, fatigue and fatigue, cognitive impairment, etc.

Laboratory investigations in Morgellon’s patients have shown elevated levels of cytokines, anti-inflammatory cytokines, insulin and antibodies against three pathogens. However, the results have never been officially published. Many of the symptoms of the disease have commonalities with chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder. Other neurological disorders may be associated with confusion, difficulty walking, and movement of the feet.

The fiber hypothesis

Morgellon’s patients repeatedly report that there are large amounts of dark fibers under or on their skin. In the US, skin samples from Morgellon’s patients were sent to the criminal laboratory of Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they were analyzed. Among other things the found tissue structures, fibers, were compared with the database of the FBI. The result was that the samples tested were not comparable to any of the fibers in the FBI database. The director of Crime Lab commented that these fibers can only be produced by the body of the victims and can not be products of plants, animals or mechanical production. However, it could be possible that they are a waste product of a biological organism.

On the other hand, school medicine has a different “plausible” explanation. Dermatologists claim that the fibers originate from clothing that has been settled in self-attached skin lesions. Thus, these Morgellons fibers would be of a textile nature and not a microbiological product. And, the fibers could also be peripheral nerve endings. But this contradicts the results of the Tulsa judges, who have excluded such a possibility by comparison with the FBI database.

The bacterial hypothesis

Meanwhile, members of the Morgellons Research Foundation, who are also members of the International Lyme Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), are of the opinion that “Morgellons may be associated with an unknown infectious process.” They report that many patients show positive results for Borrelia burgdorferi, an organism of Lyme disease. Also a treatment for borreliosis allegedly leads to a decrease in Morgellons symptoms.

A further version is the assumption that the fibers come from the Agrobacterium, a plant pendulum, which forms cellulose fibers at the infections of the plants. In humans, Agrobacterium can trigger an opportunistic infection in the case of a weakened immune system.


At present, school medicine will want to treat Morgellon’s patients for dermatozoic delusions or other mental disorders. For the patients and those who believe in the autonomy of the disease, there is often only one proprietary therapy. Often, then, the Internet is the only way to exchange experiences.