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Discussing Prolozone Therapy Side Effects

Before discussing about prolozone therapy side effects, let’s know what is prolozone is. Prolozone is an ozone, oxygen, vitamin, mineral and homeopathic medicine injection technique, developed by Dr. Frank Shallenberger developed and pioneered. It is excellent for all forms of musculoskeletal and joint pain, including chronic neck and back pain, rotator cuff injuries, degenerated discs, shoulder and elbow pain, but especially degenerative and arthritic knees. Prolozone seems to actually correct the pathology of the disease, and according to Dr. Shallenberger, there is a 75% chance for the chronic pain sufferers to become permanently painless.

Prolozone is derived from the Latin word “proli” which means to regenerate or re-create, and the word ozone. Ozone is the most powerful form of oxygen that seems to promote the repair and regeneration of damaged tissue, joints, ligaments and tendons too strongly. These usually initiate healing and a permanent end pain. Prolozone can provide a curative result under the assumption that all other factors such as infections, defect gait, movement deficits, nutrient deficiencies, etc. are successfully managed.

Prolozone Therapy Side Effects

How does Prolozone work and why does it work so fast and so well?

The cause of the pain and slow healing is a lack of circulation and inflammation. This, in turn, limits oxygen more, causing further damage and limiting the ability of the body to repair itself. This reduced circulation and inflammation therefore creates a viscous self-sustaining cycle of damage. For the body to heal and regenerate, the blood must carry vitamins, minerals and oxygen to the damaged area. Of these, by far the most important is oxygen, since small amounts of oxygen causes an accumulation of lactic acid, which increases pain. Prolozone works by first anesthesia to reduce the damaged area infused pain and reduce swelling, which increases circulation. Secondly, vitamins and minerals are infused, which are critical for the healing process. Third, homeopathic medicine is used in the area infused to reduce pain, stimulate swelling and stimulate the right cytokines in tissue regeneration and healing support. Finally, an oxygen-ozone mixture is infused into the area. Oxygen in the inflamed area Immersion provides immediate energy production in the oxygen-deficient damaged cells. Ozone stimulates powerful chemical mediators of repair, regeneration and modulation of inflammation.

General conditions, which can be treated with prolozone,

Degenerative / arthritic knee – including severe arthritis & rheumatoid arthritis, as it may result in cartilage regeneration
Degenerative / arthritic hips
knee injury
Chronic back pain
Degenerated or disc herniation
Chronic neck pain
Injuries of rotator cuff
Plantar fasciitis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Violent longing
Heel Spurs
Tennis elbow
Golf elbow
After the operation
bone fractures
Virtually all sports injuries

Are there any Prolozone Therapy Side Effects?

No, there are no major side effects reported by Prolozone Therapy. Immediate effects can be a feeling of “fullness” in the joint and rarely it can cause pain in the first 24 hours after the injection, but if this is the case, patients report the knee starts to feel much better than before the injection ,
What can I expect?

The first thing most patients find after a prolozone treatment is an almost immediate 50-80% decrease in pain. The response to the treatment varies from individual to individual and depends on a healing ability and the level of injury. Prolozone injections allegedly makes 75% of people completely and permanently pain-free and reduce pain in about 90% of people who suffer from arthritis knee pain. This permanently painless number approaches nearly 100% when combined with our other lifestyle and supplementary recommendations that we make.

Most people may only need one or two treatments while others require a set of six and some will enjoy the benefits that occasional repeated injections give them. The injection process includes a 10-20 minute appointment and is once reached a week to once a month until the maximum improvement is repeated.

So, now you know that there is no prolozone therapy side effects, right?